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My Story


Hello everyone. I’m Marjorie Borell and as maker-in-chief of this site, my mission is to offer hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind fashion accessories that inspire women to dress more boldly, express their creativity more bravely and up their style game.
From an unripe young age, I started selling the things I made. At first just to friends on my block on Long Island, but it wasn’t until a neighbor actually paid me to make party hats for her son’s birthday that a serial entrepreneur was born.
Then ripening through stages of employment, unemployment and self-employment, I learned about:  creative writing, public relations, journalism, beauty products, cosmetic procedures, diamond grading, real estate, stationery engraving, beer bar ownership and, of course, crafting. Along the way, I also became a certified scuba diver, world traveler, wardrobe mistress for films, a mother, humor writer and a small business owner. So clearly, this website was meant to be!
I’ve lived in foreign countries and visited many exotic locations in India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Israel, Tibet, Peru and Italy (five times - so far) and wherever I traveled, I found inspiration.


After a visit to India in 1977, I started making and selling “The Original Toe Ring ©


And from Peru, I brought home a priceless treasure, a son.
Over the years, I took special notice of women who dressed with flair and accessorized with confidence. I came to admire them and learned that personal style was, in fact, in these details. 
Although I craft most of pieces you see on these pages, I also feature the stories and talents of other artists in Marketeers Gallery. I think you will like their work too. Most importantly, you won’t find the one-of-a-kind pieces you see here, anywhere else!
Every day I feel inspired to create new pieces because of the wonderful comments and complements I get. I hope these pieces will inspire every woman to discover the one-of-a kind woman in herself.

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