About Marjorie Borell

Welcome to MadeByMarket.shop and Borelliant Blog – the only place you’ll find

original ideas from the mind of Marjorie Borell.


About me? All I can say is that I see my life through a unique lens and distinctly

personal point of view.


Being a keen observer, with an irreverent sense of humor, has led me on a lifelong

journey of creation and expression; Creation in the form of jewelry, fashion accessories,

perfume and skincare products; Expression in the form of written personal observations

both heartfelt and outright hysterical.


My very first venture was the result of a long ago visit to India with its exotic flavors,

colors and styles. That’s where I first noticed lovely, dark-skinned women wearing rings

on their toes. That observation, along with my desire to introduce these eye-catching

adornments to a wider audience, resulted in the debut of “The Original Toe Ring” in



From that came “Fetiche” (Fr. fetish) foot care and Fetish perfume. From that came

Optimal-Outcome Rapid Healing Skincare which was awarded an industry award for

best new skincare product of the year.


Interspersed with periods of employment and self-employment, I learned about

promotional writing and public relations, skincare formulations, cosmetic surgery, basic

diamond grading, real estate brokerage, stationary engraving, entrepreneurship and

finally, crafting.


And along the way, I became a certified scuba diver, world traveler, mother, humor

writer and maker – which is what brings us here.


Please take a look at my latest style creations in MadeByMarket.shop Collections

meet the ladies - Jennifer, Carole, Mona and Alma whose day-to-day adventures are

so relatable, and read my Borelliant blog when you need a lift, a human connection or

simply a good laugh.


I’m glad you came. Please visit again soon to see what’s new - and don’t forget to bring

your friends and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


Be well. Stay well.


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