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Boffo Berets©

and Classy Cloches©

Boffo Berets©

Worn dramatically to the side or perched atop a crown of luxurious hair, these 100% fine wool toppers add a dash of drama to any look. Embellished with one-of-a-kind vintage bow ties and Portobello Road-worthy jeweled accents, they flatter your face and profile.

Felt-lined in a complementary color to keep their shape and ta tête chaude.


Classy Cloches©

Hollywood icons of the Art Deco era were famously seen sporting chic bobbed haircuts topped by a classic cloche hat. Invented by French milliner Caroline Reboux, “cloche,” is the French word for bell. Easy to form, these charmers can be worn a number of ways including, “strategically dipped below one eye”.​   * Sizes - Adjustable or Classic fit

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