Boffo Berets© and Classy Cloches©

Boffo Berets© Is she French? A Poet? Artist? Whatever her game, she looks singularly

stylish and interesting.


Worn dramatically to the side or perched atop a crown of luxurious hair, these 100%

fine wool toppers add a dash of drama to any look. Embellished with one-of-a-kind

vintage bowties and Portobello Road-worthy jeweled accents, they flatter your face and



Each Boffo Beret is felt-lined in a complementary color so they keep their shape and ta

tête chaude.




 Black, Grey, Red, Burgundy, Pink, Apricot

 Sizes - Adjustable or Classic fit

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Classy Cloches©


What do Josephine Baker, Coco Chanel and Greta Garbo have in common? Besides

being style and Hollywood icons of the Art Deco era, they were famously seen sporting

chic bobbed haircuts topped by a classic cloche hat.


Invented by French milliner Caroline Reboux, “cloche,” is the French word for bell. Easy

to form, these charmers can be worn a number of ways including, “strategically dipped

below one eye”.




 Black, Grey, Camel, Red, Burgundy

 Sizes - Adjustable or Classic fit