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Julio Velazquez

“A lifetime of making something from nothing.”

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To me, making art is a continual search of self and, consequently, a work in progress.  I am inspired by so many things: nature, art, music, the musings of writers and thinkers. 
As a young boy growing up in Puerto Rico, I made my own toys out of twigs, cigar boxes and metal coils from sardine cans - anything I could find. In college, I started to do charcoal drawings, and graduating from that, marble sculpture. That led me to experimenting with wire sculptures, starting with small trees that morphed into larger pieces.   I am particularly proud of my 12 ft. giraffe wire construction, which was the third-place winner at the Westhampton Art Show. My latest work is a wire sculpture of a life size horse. 

“I enjoy coiling wire and love stone and glass.  In opposition to my larger sculptures, jewelry made with imagination and skill is also art – in miniature.”

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