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Top off your look 
with a classic beret!

There is nothing more alluring than a woman accessorized with an air of confidence. Whether donning a beret to add charm, whimsy, or on a bad hair day, every woman can look fabulously chic in a beret.


The classic beret is a round, soft or formed brimless hat with a band that fits snugly around your head. I love them, and have worn them for years.

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I love the way a beret frames my face without concealing it, and adds style and interest with coats and suits. Berets can be worn indoors and out, and, of course, keeps my head warm.

Wearing a beret

The beauty of a beret is that there is no one “right” way to wear one.  

Our semi-soft and pre-formed berets give you a stylish shape effortlessly and are easy to position at the angle that most flatters your face.

The Boffo™ Beret Difference

Now any bow accent could have worked, but not exactly in this way. Vintage bowties gives Berets an added cachet. 


Each vintage bowtie in the collection is one-of-a-kind and beautiful in its own special way.  Some are silk, feature classic stripes or an art deco design. Others are whimsical, or feature patterns with a historic, fashion context, reminiscent of the flair expressed by their former owners.  You can wear the bowtie accent in the front, back or on the side, whichever way you like best.


Whichever your choice of color, shape, color or pattern, you will look like that one-of-a-kind woman whose interesting choice of accessories shows the world who she is.

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I love fashion accessories. I love them because I’ve learned, through years of experimentation and observation, that carefully curated accent pieces, worn with confidence and imagination make a person look, not only more stylish, but more interesting.


Well-chosen, well-placed accessories can start a conversation, elicit a comment, catch your eye, make a statement, attract attention and have you stand out from the crowd.


Conversely, accessories worn thoughtlessly, haphazardly or overdone can completely ruin your look. Too many, too fussy, too many colors, too clashy. Too big and they compete with, rather than complement, your outfit. Too small, they get lost in the look.


This blog’s mission is to show you, in words and images, how unique fashion accessories, tastefully chosen and creatively worn, will bring out that more confident, interesting-looking, stylish person you know yourself to be.

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