• Marjorie Borell

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Quarantine

Our lives have been changed by a devastating virus

That has taken lives and made wrecks of the rest of us

The masking, distancing and rubber gloving makes me crazy

Yet staying home appeals to my tendency to be lazy

Of a positive nature, I still see the glass as half full

Yet I wonder how out of this mess we will be able to pull

Working from home wearing sweats with no makeup

But for Zoom I can’t look like I do when I wake up

Unemployment provides what I need (except to be thinner)

With a weekly payout like a lottery winner

For me it’s like a dream come true

Spending time doing whatever I want to

Clean out my closets and sew a loose button

Organize my files and eat like a glutton

Call a close friend to share a deep-seated issue

All the while praying I don’t run low on my toilet tissue

I hope this disaster will have a silver lining

And that we’ll all be okay even though we’re all whining

Our world will not likely be the same again

And perhaps that’s a good thing - in the end

Maybe we’ll see ourselves all part of this great land

Because a nation divided surely cannot stand

And stand we will because together we are strong

So let’s open our windows and all sing the same song.

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