• Marjorie Borell

It’s getting hot in here! So grab your folding fan!

Women and their fans

The hand-held fan dates back thousands of years ago, first used in Ancient Egypt, then in China, India, and later in Europe. Besides being feminine and practical, in the past, fans played a significant role in society and used to send secret messages across a room.

In the Victorian era, the secret language of fans were used primarily to practice coquetry and to flirt discretely without saying a word (or being caught!) For example, touching the tip of the fan with your finger conveys, “I’d like to speak to you”. Fanning yourself slowly - “I’m married”. With the handle to your lips -“kiss me”. Maison Duvelleroy, a French company published “The Language of the Fan”, which came with every fan they sold. Hmmm? Ladies who knew how to carry and hold this lovely accessory with elegance would definitely draw attention wherever they went.

As for me, I’ve always loved folding fans, not only because they are charming and useful, but because I’ll admit, heat, humidity and I don’t get along. Not only do I “perspire”, I get cranky and my hair goes crazy frizzy leaving me not exactly looking, or feeling, my best.

In those conditions, my first thought was to gel my hair down and crank up the old AC. But since I couldn’t take the unit with me, I had to come up with a more portable solution.

So I bought a folding hand fan. It did the trick, but I was constantly pulling it in and out of my bag, and like an umbrella, often leaving it god knows where?

I loved using my fan and got many flattering comments but wished it wasn’t such a pain in the neck. And then it came to me - the neck!Why not a fan necklace that can be worn like jewelry.So I began making Flix Fan Necklaces.Embellished with jeweled touches and chains.Each one-of-a-kind, charming, feminine, flirtatious, and always at hand. An elegant summer accessory forwhen you’re feelinghot, but want to look cool.

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