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Lacy Face Aromatherapy Spray

Like all your delicates, silk needs special care. This gentle, essential oil-based spray keeps masks and filters fresh and clean. Each spritz helps combat stale air and odors so every breath revives your spirit and safeguards your health. Also effective for refreshing pillowcases, lingerie and scarves.


Replacement filters*

All Lacy Face 100% silk face masks have a filter pocket and come with three 5-layer, activated carbon PM 2.5 filters. These filters help inhibit the penetration of harmful particles, impurities, dust, fumes and odors.


*It is recommended that filters be changed weekly and masks sanitized every three wearings.  Stay safe. Stock up on additional replacement filters (Amazon)


Lacy Face Cleansing Soak

Like all your delicates, silk benefits from hand washing and special care. This extra gentle, essential oil-based formula sanitizes and combats odors to keep silk masks, lingerie, pillowcases and scarves fragrant, fresh and clean.


Our exclusive blend of ingredients

Basil oil - shown to lift your mood while relieving respiratory discomforts with its natural antiviral, anti-depressant qualities.


Eucalyptus oil -used to relieve nasal congestion.

Peppermint oil - known to invigorate and energize while inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. 


Oriental oil – a soothing complex of essential oils including argan, jojoba and wheat germ containing Vitamin E.


Florida water - packed with powerhouse botanicals including lavender and citrus oils. Shown to foster healthier breathing and a calmer mind. 

Lacy Face© aromatherapy Silk Spray and Cleansing Soak

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